'Tenement is a symbol of urbanity and mundanity. We have many creative ideas for your stay. Hidden beauty in its simplicity. "

Beata Mamińska Owner Sporting Tenement

Their Little Majesty

Our most demanding guests cannot get bored. Our little customers are  our future, hence we care for them exceptionally well.

Our playroom, equipped with the best plush friends for potential princesses, various tools for future architects, dance mirrors for little ballet dancers is kind of a paradise for our youngests. Moreover Kredens’ Chef created a special menu, which should satisfy the most demanding palate of the smallest culinary critics.

These are just a few of the proposals prepared for the youngest. We hope that every visit of Their Little Majesty will be bring fun , fun and… more fun! In one.


The form of spending free time certainly depends on personality and interests. Therefore, we strive to provide the widest range of options of activities, depending on personal needs; beach equipment for those who want to enjoy some passive rest, as well as Nordic Walking poles – for active people.

Classic bike rental is a chance to combine a bit of movement with visiting landscapes or historical places.


Sweet laziness and a long moment of respite are not a sin, although we may often think so. Passive rest is a renewal of strength, regeneration and increase of internal potential. We will take care of the silence for your thoughts and relax. We provide a lot of guides and books that will allow a moment of temporary passivity and introversion. 

Book a moment for rest and relaxation. This time, as long as you and your body need.


Rush, movement and changes. Often, it seem to be so difficult to find ourselves in a new environment and adapt to passive recreation. A good solution to that is sport, thanks to which you do not have to give up various activities and passively use vacation time. If you desire, we will contact trainers and specialists of many sports disciplines, who offer lessons and sports facilities at a good price. 

We also recommend using the city offer, such as tennis,  slow jogging with a trainer, Nordic Walking, fitness or strength classes.


Our knowledge of nearby areas allows us to show you many unique places, located near Międzyzdroje, as well as in the very center of the city.

The clear waters of the Pomeranian Bay, healing microclimate, picturesque landscapes and unbridled forests are undoubtedly fascinating  attractions for tourists. The wealth of tourist attractions, landscapes and beautiful open air is a sea of ​​possibilities. Among them; Turquoise Lake in Wapnica, Zielonka Hill and Gosań, V3 Museum in Wicko, Natural History Museum are definately noteworthy. 

Dogs and cats

… as well as other little four paws friends which walk, jump or crawl.

Pets with whom we feel a special bond cannot stay away from us for too long. We also love animals and we will gladly welcome them in ours modest thresholds.

Please read our TERMS AND CONDITION  OF STAYING WITH ANIMALS to make it even safer to relax with your faithful furry friend.

e-mail: recepcja@sporting-miedzyzdroje.pl
phone no. 91 32 80 503
Front desk: 24/7
Restaurant: Thu-Sun: 8:00-11:00 and 13:00-20:00